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NP Krka

The National Park is a spacious, largely unchanged region of exceptional and multifaceted natural values, and includes one or more preserved or slightly changed ecosystems. It is intended primarily for scientific, cultural, educational, recreational, and tourism activities such as visiting and sightseeing. National park "Krka" was proclaimed in 1985. as the seventh national park in Croatia. It is located entirely on Sibenik-Knin County and encompasses an area of ​​109 km2 along the Krka River: two kilometers downriver from Knin to Skradin and lower Čikole. The river is 72.5 kilometers long, and by its length it is the 22nd river in Croatia ..

Villa Porta Marina


One of the most famous Catholic shrines, the one in Medjugorje, is a unique phenomenon in the modern world. It is believed that Our Lady appeared to six teenagers in 1981 in the hills between the villages of Medjugorje and Bijakovici. Apparitions have not stopped, as She appeared repeatedly until the skeptics have not lost any possibility of criticism . Thanks to these apparitions, this little village has become the meeting place of pilgrims from around the world and one of the biggest prayer centers in the world. Innumerable witnesses say that they have found faith and peace.
You will have the opportunity to visit the Apparition Hill where, for the first time Our ​​Lady appeared to the children, and attend Mass in local church ..

Villa Porta Marina


Protected with old, thick walls and towers this UNESCO city looks like a precious jewel surrounded by the sea on all sides . The town is also a treasure trove of beautiful architecture and works of art jealously preserved over the centuries. The beautiful palaces, old monasteries and churches, libraries, as well as cobbled streets and squares are just part of what you can see and experience from the rich past of the town ..

Villa Porta Marina

NP Kornati

Today the National Park "Kornati" occupies an area of ​​220 km2 and includes 89 islands, islets and rocks with approximately 238 km of coastline. Thanks to its exceptional beauty and uniqueness the archipelago was declared a national park in 1980. A pleasant sailing through archipelago will bring you to one of the islands where you can enjoy the picturesque surroundings and have a lunch of grilled fish, with the consumption of quality Dalmatian wines.